Event Production

Event Production

The devil is in the details with any project, and a well-formulated plan is vital to guarantee success. This is why our clients find peace of mind in knowing they’re working with the team that has won more awards than any other in the industry. Our event management process translates a project’s strategy into a plan of action that will manifest in an efficient, effective and cost conscious way. This involves all facets including coordination of speakers, timelines, and resources – often crossing over into logistics. Utilizing expertise from across all of Exhibit India disciplines assures every objective is met and every detail is addressed.

Our service provides:

  • Location and Venue Scouting
  • Location Setup & Planning
  • Team Scheduling
  • Speaking and Session Planning
  • Security Planning Event Timeline Planning: Who, What, Where and When
  • Social Media Marketing Plans: Buzz Generation
  • Post-Event Attendee Follow Up Planning
  • Website and Mobile App Supporting Events
  • Virtual Participation Planning
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Broadcast Video
  • People Traffic Flow Planning
  • Seating
  • Events Management
  • Attendee gifts and takeaways
  • Speaker/Artist Booking and Management

Logistics, Travel Management, Staffing

Those magical moments of a sensational live event production would never materialize without the careful orchestration of logistics across multiple disciplines. Behind the scenes, we have command over all the moving pieces and this is why Exhibit India shines as the trusted industry leader. With a solid strategy and project plan in hand, it’s now time to execute effectively. Our vast resources ensure everything is covered from fleets of semi trucks to warehousing, to food and beverage, to staffing and security, to event portfolio planning, to corporate event strategy, we bring it all together seamlessly. We’re known as the team to trust for getting the job done right, anywhere around the world.

Our capabilities include:

  • Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics
  • Exhibition Management & Logistics Staffing
  • Sourcing and Contract Negotiations
  • Global Contact Centers
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Conference Production
  • Project Management
  • Registration
  • Furnishings
  • Tradeshow Services
  • Live Event Production
  • Security
  • Travel Management
  • Venue & Accommodation Management
  • Location Setup and Breakdown
  • Event Portfolio Planning