Powtech 2017

POWTECH – Trade Fair for Processing, Analysis, and Handling of Powder and Bulk Solids. The highlight for international experts from 26 – 28 September 2017 in the exhibition center Nuremberg. Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology! This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector.

POWTECH is the world’s undisputed number one for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies. It reflects the current state of the art in mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation. A top-grade supporting programme rounds off the exhibition concept. See for yourself!

POWTECH – the trade fair for powder processing

The Sector’s leading Exhibition
POWTECH is the world’s undisputed number one for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies. It reflects the current state of the art in mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation – and so provides a unique overview for a variety of industries from glass, building materials and paper to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food.

Experts visit POWTECH to look for pioneering innovations in size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing or granulating and many other processes:

  • 49 % of the exhibitors reached their major target gros during POWTECH
  • 93 % of the POWTECH visitors influence procurement decisions in their company
  • 87 % of the exhibitors expect noticeable follow-up business

The World of POWTECH

Analysing, size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing and compacting – mechanical processing technology is full of dynamic processes. At POWTECH you find a broad spectrum of products and solutions tailored to your needs as an expert:

  • Basic processing technologies for powder and bulk material
  • Plant engineering and processing components
  • Packaging and filling
  • Measurement, control, automation
  • Nano particle technologies
  • Safety and environmental technologies
  • Basic processing in the pharma industry
  • QC, QA and QM
  • Services

Where can you find what in the exhibition venue? The floor plan shows you the hall allocation, main themes, entrances and exits, catering outlets, toilets and car parks at a glance.

You are looking for a particular exhibitor at POWTECH or would like to find out about their products in advance? Our exhibitor and product search helps you to plan your visit. You can also put together your own personal guided tour of POWTECH.

Powtech World

POWTECH World is a union of international trade shows and conferences for the global mechanical processing industry. These events cover different continents and markets and are all related to the flagship of the mechanical processing technology industry: POWTECH in Nuremberg, Germany.

This special union of events offers worldwide networking and marketing opportunities for the industry and also a perfect platform to step into new markets.

You are interested in the latest developments from the world mechanical porcessing technology, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids, and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at POWTECH! And there are even more reasons for coming to Nuremberg from 26 – 28 September 2017:

  1. International coverage

Within the mechanical processing technology sector, POWTECH is the largest and most international sector platform worldwide for processes used in the manufacture of quality products from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids.

  • 891 exhibitors, 36 % of them international
  • 16,284 trade visitors, 35 % of them international
  1. Focus on powder, granules and bulk materials technology

From fine nano particles to coarse stoneware – this is the only event to show the special features of bulk solids handling in their entirety.

  1. One platform for the most important industrial sectors

Here you reach process technicians and engineers, bulk materials experts, production managers, scientists as well as process and project engineers from the following sectors:

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals – Cosmetics
  • Food – Feed
  • Building and Non-metallic Mineral Industry
  • Glass – Ceramics
  • Recycling – Environment
  1. Incomparable visitor quality

See for yourself the specialist and professional depth of the meetings and discussions from engineer to engineer. Here you are brought together with trade visitors with specific questions and a profound professional understanding – this is confirmed by the exhibitors in 2016:

  • 94 % of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups.
  • 87 % of the exhibitors expect post-fair business.
  1. hands-on exhibits & experience technology

Innovations for crushing, filtering, mixing, delivery, dosing or compacting – at no other event are so many machines, technologies and large exhibits shown and demonstrated. The product segment covers:

  • Basic processes for powder and bulk solids
  • Appliance construction and process components
  • Packing and filling
  • Measuring, regulating, automating
  • Nano particle technology
  • Safety and environmental technology
  • Quality control, assurance and management (QC, QA and QM)
  • Services

Event Type:Trade Show/Exhibition

Date:Sep. 26-28, 2017

Venue:Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

Location:Nuremberg , Germany

Website: Powtech 2017

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