IMTECH – 2017

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Special exposition IMTECH aims to demonstrate practical use of innovative projects in high tech industry as well as to promote innovative potential of Belarus and to develop international exchange of experience. Exposition of innovative materials and technologies is designed to gain the interest of industrial customers to introduce innovations in various industrial sectors and to assist exhibitors to get new customers and partners.

Event Type: Trade Show/Exhibition
Date: May 23-26, 2017
Venue: Roofed Soccer Arena
Location: Minsk , Belarus
Why Visit
  • TechInnoProm features a variety of exhibition sectors
  • Workshops, seminars, presentations, master classes, match-making sessions are held daily during the show (find details in a Business program section)
  • The latest trends of the industry are demonstrated here
  • Great networking event
  • A possibility to meet the leaders of the industry, promote your inventions and share ideas

Exposition Sectors

  • New functional materials, twofold purpose materials.
  • Nano materialsand nano.
  • Aerospacetechnologies.
  • Optoelectronics and lasers, microwave and micro-electronics.
  • High-performance transport and communication systems, transport infrastructure and logistics centers, container technologies.
  • Biotechnology, transplantation of organs and tissues.
  • Production of new chemicals.
  • Telecommunication systems and information technologies.
  • Technologies of virtual reality, artificial intelligence.
  • Educational and gaming technologies.
  • Automation and integration systems of production and business processes.
  • Equipment and materials for laboratories atomic microscopes. 3D printers

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